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If you don't have an iPad you might not know much about Flipboard. But that has changed! They recently released a version of the app designed for the iPhone. It's an incredible content app that allows you to flip through content as if it were a magazine. Your favorite tweets, Facebook feeds, blogs & even websites all in one handy little app.

Flipboard is the most convenient way to read your favorite content from around the web.

  Flipboard iPhone Page Flips up

iPhone App Changes

When I first downloaded the app, I was surprised to see that the pages flips from bottom to top instead of like a book. Since most users on an iPhone use only their thumb to perform actions on the screen, it made a lot of sense why they changed this gesture. The red ribbon doesn't show unless you are viewing the cover of the app. I think this could've been carried through too, but the magnifying glass makes a lot of sense as well. Maybe it if were red? It is a pretty important little icon. You can search for and add new content to your Flipboard from here. Deserving of a little color I think.

Minor Gesture Issue

The one trouble I seem to have with the gesture of flipping from top to bottom in some cases is my notifications panel drops down when I am looking to refresh the app. It's a little too close to the top. I don't see the need to refresh too often, but paging backwards can be an issue when your on the go and your flipping isn't too precise.   If you're looking for a new favorite iPhone app, this one will surely be worthy of precious dock space. Download the App: Flipboard

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