A Time to Reflect on 2014

This was a big year for me. I spent some time in Las Vegas losing my money. We visited the Neon Graveyard. I moved from Minneapolis back to Eau Claire, WI. I planned a wedding. I married the love of my life. I experienced the sights and sounds of Alaska. I was able to see some of my designs in the Anchorage airport. I had my first holiday cookie bake with some of my amazing friends. 

I would say 2014 was a year to remember.

I also learned a lot this year. My husband Dayne and I talk about some of the things we learned in the most recent podcast episode on The Shuda Show.

Episode 13: Business Lessons We’ve Learned in 2014

Some of the things we discuss include:

  • Working Remotely
  • Great Things Take Time
  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Correcting Team Errors
  • What Can I Control?
  • Multiple Sources of Income
  • Take More Time Off
  • Less Inspiration, More Internal Ideas
  • Continue to Experiment
  • Let Surprises Happen
  • Making Time For What You Love
  • Making Time For Reading
  • Do Things Each Other Doesn’t Like Doing

If you enjoyed our podcast, we’re discussing our New Years resolutions on tomorrow’s episode. You can check out past episodes too by visiting TheShudaShow.com. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future podcasts! Just reach out here or on Twitter (@SarahShuda or @DayneShuda).

Moving Forward in 2015


I always enjoy this time of year. It’s like getting a brand new sketch book or sitting down to start designing on a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless. 

This year I’m getting back to the basics. I’m going to see how using an old-fashioned planner can help me keep my goals in the forefront of my mind over the next 12 months. There’s something about physically writing things down on paper that makes them more permanent.

The web thrives on impermanence. Sometimes it feels great to create something that will stand the test of time.


In 2015 I will be teaching a class over on Skillshare. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the things I have learned over the past 8 years. The focus of the class will be on email design and development. I’ve taken a few classes on Skillshare this year and would love to give back to the community by doing the same for other designers and DIY business owners.

What did you learn this year? What do you hope to accomplish in 2015?

Sarah Shuda

Sarah Shuda

Designer. Mom. Wife. Loves Gilmore Girls, healthy living and a good cup of coffee.

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