Sarah Shuda

Consistency is Hard

08/08/2017 Sarah Shuda

Anyone can send out an email campaign once, twice, even a few times. What makes an email program successful is consistency. Much like blogging, email marketing requires a long-term effort.

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Content

07/25/2017 Sarah Shuda

I won't dwell upon the vast amount of content out there today. How do you get noticed when there is so much content out there already? Why should someone care about what you have to say?

How To Improve Your Social Media Updates

07/11/2017 Sarah Shuda

Including social media images with each post you share on Twitter, Facebook and beyond can have a big impact on engagement. Here are some free tools and tips to help you create effective social media graphics and content.

How to Achieve More Focus

05/02/2017 Sarah Shuda

How often do you lose focus during the day? Here is some advice to regain your focus, improve your productivity and your overall mental health.

Quit Sending Sale-Only Emails

04/18/2017 Sarah Shuda

We’re all guilty of emailing promotions without additional value. For many retailers it’s their entire strategy. Stand apart from your competition and share your product benefits along with your sale.