Cocktails with Creatives: Summit

Creatives at Summit Brewery

On November 3, 2011, AIGA hosted their monthly Cocktails with Creatives. It’s a fun event to get out there and chit chat with some other local creatives. It was a good mix last Thursday.

A few writers, designers, educators and photographers. Not to mention some tasty brews! I’ve lately been a big fan of IPAs and Summit passed with flying colors on there take on an IPA. Cocktails with Creatives is open to the public and typically is held once a month in the Twin Cities. Although it is targeted towards designers, there are certainly many reasons why a developer, writer, illustrator or project manager might want to come check out an event.

Or if your looking for a talented designer, maybe you want to come say hello and get to know a few folks. A fun way to shop around before you buy right?

I had to take a peek at the Summit website and found not only do they have delicious brews, but a well designed website too! I think my favorite part of their site is the way the images are free-flowing. The different beers aren’t boxed in a rectangle and many times overlap other elements. It adds a layer of dimension and breaks up the space nicely. The color palette is beautifully crafted as well. Very rich colors with a spark of primary green to call-out important elements.

Launch Summit Brewing >>

Summit Brewery Website Design

Summit Overlapping Photos

Top Photo Credit: Jay Larson

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