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This has been a debatable topic since emailing became more common practice in the advertising/marketing world. But, if you were to decide one over the other, which is more effective? There are many factors that go into figuring this out. What is your target market? Age also comes into play, especially for emailing. If you have a larger amount of older customers they might not have a computer or utilize email as someone in the 18-50 age group. What is the purpose of the piece? Do you want to promote a sale or is your promotion a group of different items such as a web-kit? Here are a few pros and cons to each. Make sure you have your target market in mind when determining what choice you should make.

Advantages of Print

– Directly to customer – Can take it anywhere – Can share it with anyone – No hardware restrictions (IE. Computer/Internet) – You can hold it and feel it – More memorable

Disadvantages of Print

– More expensive – Not as easily updated

Advantages of Email

-Easily updated -Cheap compared to print -Can send out many emails compared to print pieces (depends on your market)

Disadvantages of Email

-Not everyone has email -Hard to compete (depending on your target market) with other email senders (a huge amount of retailers utilize email marketing) -Spam filters and emails bouncing (will the email reach your customer?) -Can be considered less personal than something a person would hold in their hands

Types of Emails (good reasons to email your customer)

Newsletters – Content focused.

Promotional – Sales & Specials.

New Product & Services – Focused on what new items/services you have to offer your customers.

Survey – Ask your customer how you are doing! (Always good to give them something in return for their time).

Fun & Interactive – Games & Video focused.

Forum/Conversational – Have a forum on your site? Send emails on current discussions to get users involved.

Contests – Giveaways always get customers attention! Request a review of the product for a winning entry if desired.

Remember! Always give your customers the feeling that they are gaining something by being on your email list. Mix it up a little bit! Try different types of emails or features in your newsletters. Otherwise your viewers are going to get bored and simply delete them! Have any questions regarding email marketing? Give me a shout 😊 I’d be glad to give you suggestions or help you design a email template you can use to keep in touch with your customers.

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