How To Boost Revenue For A Go Kart Track

Local businesses that focus on in-person activities are growing in popularity.

There are a lot of things competing for attention and entertainment these days. And while people are spending more time than ever with digital entertainment, they’re still looking for physical entertainment as well.

That includes the go kart world. It’s been one of the most fun activities for people of all ages for decades. And interest doesn’t seem to be waning at all.

Do you have a local go kart track?

Here are a few revenue boosting ideas…

#1. Local Search Optimization

You can get complicated with local search. But the real opportunity is just focusing on the basics. Because so many local businesses just ignore what’s going on with Google.

Even though Google is where most people go (via their smartphones) to find everything, including things to do.

Start with the description of what you are. Keep is as simple as possible.

XYZ City Go Kart Track

Don’t make it more complicated that you need to. Now describe all the other things you offer. The safety. The snacks and beverages. The hours you’re open.

Document your sales process. What you tell people when they ask you in person what you do. Document the questions people most commonly ask you in person about your track and also your answers, which are probably always the same.

With this content, create your website. Then add the same or similar content to Google My Business.

#2. Local Events

Local communities work pretty hard to have an event just about every week of the year. Some certainly larger and more popular than others, but they all present an opportunity for you to participate and raise awareness for your track.

Most offer local businesses the opportunity to sponsor and setup booths. Create a booth experience. You can start small and basic and expand from there. Go to a local event this weekend and see what others are doing with their booths.

Aim to have some type of free giveaway. Something tangible for people to hold onto, but that isn’t too expensive. A can coozie. A bottle opener. A key chain.

#3. Partnerships

Local partnerships are great for just about any business. You’re looking for two types of partnerships…

Those with complementary businesses and those with the competition.

Direct competition might be another go kart track. Reach out and introduce yourself. Obviously there will be tension because you’re competing. But usually there is room for agreements that if one of you is overflowing with business one day that you’ll recommend customers to the other. It’s usually beneficial for each of you to give customers a recommendation rather than making people wait.

As for complementary businesses, you’re looking to get to know other business owners in town that have customers and also customers that are looking for things to do in town:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Sporting events
  • Retail

Reach out to these businesses. Offer them a free trial at your track. Have them get to know you and what you’re doing. You’re goal is to entice them to tell their customers about you.

#4. Video Production

Video is one of the big media outlets in the world today. Distribution is relatively easy with channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Production can be tricky.

To start, you can use the basics like your phone. To get content ideas, just begin by documenting what’s going on at your track.

There are golf instructions, for example, that post only videos of them coaching their students. Even just one little tip and a few swings that last maybe a minute. Sometimes full lessons that take 30 minutes. Then mashup videos that show 5-7 clips of the instructor telling the same tip to that many different students.

Document customers racing on your track. Getting into and out of their cars. Close calls at the finish line. The smiles on their faces as they race by the start/finish line with one more lap to go.

Start posting everyday from your phone. See what works and what doesn’t. If it shows promise look to hire someone part-time to video and edit and post content for you and hopefully with better quality.

#5. Competition

Do you hold regular competitions for racers?

It’ll be difficult to build something that has wide appeal right away, but over time you can build something that really brings in racers and people to watch.

Where I grew up they held an annual golf event that was sponsored and organized by a local TV station. You could partner with a company like that or you could do it on your own.

Maybe even one for different age groups. Or people from out of town and people from in the area.

There aren’t really rules to creating competition. You create the rules. The goal, though, is to raise awareness for your track.


Interest in go karting will likely increase on its own over the next decade. People are looking for alternatives to their digital entertainment. And it’s not easy to start a go kart track. So if you have one you’re in a good position to benefit.

But you can boost your odds with some of the ideas listed here.

Dayne Shuda

Dayne Shuda

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