It turns out that being sad is one of the easiest aspects of life.

Negativity Bias is a real thing.

Yet there is a side in most of us that wants to be inspired. We want to find the motivation to move forward. To grow. To do good in the world before we’re gone.

But one of the challenges in life is finding inspiration. That little boost we need when we’re at the bottom or even when we’re lacking a little.

Here are a few tricks for finding your inspiration…

#1. Clean The Slate

There are many things that can sap your inspiration. A difficult task at work. No tasks at work. A fight with a friend. The weather. Someone that cut you off on the way to work.

One common source of discourse is having a slate that’s too full. We have so many opportunities available to us today. It’s very unique compared to our ancestors. We have difficulty saying “no” to things.

So take a step back. Clean your entire slate. Schedule, hobbies, commitments, etc. Clean it all. Take a little time. Then come back and add only what you need.

#2. Create Smaller Deadlines

One surefire way to freeze yourself is to setup large projects with one big deadline. Big things seem inherently impossible. It’s like sitting at the bottom of a mountain. Successful climbers know the end goal is to reach the top, but they break down the process into smaller goals.

Do that with your work schedule. Don’t try to get it all done at once. Break it up into smaller deadlines. Deadlines will spur action and it can help get you moving because you’ll be hitting your marks and building your confidence through accomplishment.

#3. Find A New Setting

Our brains become accustom to the surrounds we see all the time. It’s comfortable. We like what we know.

But it’s sure not good for motivation.

Go someplace you’ve never been before. Your senses will start working again. They’ll start noticing the little things around you. Everything is new and fresh and worthy of attention.

#4. Find A New Source Of Entertainment & Education

Our brains also seem wired to like the same sources of information. The same channel on TV. The same music playlist on Spotify. We like what we are familiar with. But that leads the brain to shut off at some point.

Open a new website for information. Find a new blog. Find a new podcast. Get a different perspective on the world. Even look for topics that are completely new to you.

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from a source that seemingly has nothing to do with your line of work.

#5. Step Away

It’s okay to take time away when you’re not feeling inspired. It can work to push through sometimes. That can work. But it also works to take time away and come back refreshed. If you’re feeling too stressed then step away for awhile and do something to take your mind off the work.

A new hobby. A favorite hobby. Get your head focusing on something different and give your soul time to recover.


Inspiration is one of the trickiest things in life. There are a number of things it seems that are working against us. That want to bring our mood down. Try the steps above and maybe do them with people that are happy and excited about life.

It could be the key to getting back on track…

Dayne Shuda

Dayne Shuda

Owner of Ghost Blog Writers.

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