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Guide to Website Design

Working in the web design business, I come across many business owners who really don’t have a clue about having a website. And really, they shouldn’t have to know a whole lot. It’s not their area of expertise. It’s not like I go out and try to learn everything I can about fixing cars because I have to go bring my car in to get repaired. But, I would want to know how to change the oil in my car, fix a flat tire and learn about some of the warning signs that my car might need to be checked out.

I find that educating oneself on the basics will allow you to be more successful with whatever you happen to be working with. Having a website isn’t something you can just have created and then let sit. It requires full participation to be as useful and successful as possible.

Sure, you can hire a team to manage and update your website for you. But only you know what you want to achieve with the website. Only you can determine what your customers need by the expertise you have in your particular business. It’s a process and medium that requires both parties attention.

With all that said, I thought it would be very helpful to create a guide to do just that – Help those without any or a basic understanding of working on a web project. It walks through planning, putting a team together, design terminology and principles, giving feedback and finishing/launching a website. You’ll know what to expect, prepare and how the whole process works. The guide is available in PDF format too if you care to print it out and read it wherever you choose! Check it out for yourself below! Guide to Website Design

Sarah Shuda

Sarah Shuda

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