New Client Logo Designs

We’ve have been busy at Sarah Lynn Design which is great! I thought I would show you some of our recent logo designs. The first is a new business the second, a more established one looking for a re-alignment of their brand.


Personal Wellness Revolution

Personal Wellness Revolution Logo

Personal Wellness Revolution is a new business that offers personal training & wellness. The owner’s main focus was to visualize the internal struggle one must go through to find a routine and lifestyle that works for them and is maintainable. It’s often a “revolution”. The client is a very bold, strong and passionate person and wanted her logo to reflect that. Especially since her business is typically very personal and requires her clients to work closely with her. 

Hainstock Homes

Hainstock Homes Logo

Hainstock Homes is a custom home builder. They have been doing business for few years now. They were in need of a more memorable logo that focused on homes rather than construction. The work they do is high quality and unique and they wanted to showcase this in their logo.

Sarah Shuda

Sarah Shuda

Designer. Mom. Wife. Loves Gilmore Girls, healthy living and a good cup of coffee.

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