Super Bowl 2011 & Packers Design

Packers Celebrate Super Bowl 45 Win

Packers Celebrate Super Bowl XLV Win – Confetti Explodes!

As you may have heard, our Packers are Super Bowl Champions! I was lucky enough to see their victory in person. It was an incredible experience and I can say I have never felt more proud to live in Wisconsin and be a lifetime Packer fan. 

The Packers (and thanks to one of my long-time friends) gave us the royal treatment for a few days with a pre-game party and a surprise after-party with Kid Rock. It was unbelievable. Needless to say, even though Dallas was as cold as Green Bay it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Presenting the Packers organization properly was definitely apparent in Dallas. From luggage tags and hotel murals, to credentials & informational pamphlets, the Packers design strategy isn’t taken lightly. Here are a few of the different design pieces I picked up and viewed along the way:

Packers Hotel Entrance Murals

Packers Hotel Omni Mandalay Entrance

Super Bowl Packers Guide

A portion of the Packers Family & Friends Booklet Cover

Packers Super Bowl XLV Luggage Tag

Packers Super Bowl XLV Luggage Tag The amount of detail put into all of the Super Bowl design pieces for the Packers was phenomenal in just two weeks time. Every detail was designed to make the Packers Super Bowl experience one of a kind.

Packers Bus Ticket Super Bowl 45

Packers Super Bowl XLV Transfer Ticket

Packers Hotel Access Tag

Packers Super Bowl 2011 Hotel Access Pass

This pass had to be worn around the hotel at all times, due to the high security and the players being present. I love the faded “hotel access” type found beneath the Super Bowl type. Excellent use of texture and making it look official.

Super Bowl XLV Graphics

I thought the graphics created of the Lombardi Trophy were excellent for this year’s Super Bowl. The details in the reflections and the incredibly intriguing perspectives showed up even on a skyscraper in downtown Dallas.

Super Bowl Ticket Closeup

Super Bowl XLV Graphic from Ticket

Super Bowl 2011 Graphics on Skyscraper

Super Bowl Graphics on Tower in Downtown Dallas, TX

Super Bowl XLV Ticket

Super Bowl XLV Ticket Design

The silver XLV emblem to the right of the ticket price was raised up off the paper with a reflective coating.

Super Bowl 45 Pin

Super Bowl Pin (almost didn’t notice this pin attached to the lanyard – hidden design!)

Bridgestone Super Bowl 2011 Seat

Bridgestone Super Bowl XLV Seat (included a glow stick for the halftime show + ads)

I thought this was quite clever! A soft place to sit for 4 hours and some goodies all packaged inside to bring home.

Bridgestone Card

Bridgestone Halftime Show Plastic Card

Coors Super Bowl 45 Ad

Coors Light Super Bowl Seat Printed Insert

I’m all for responsibility, but with beers costing $10 a piece, I don’t think I’d ever be able to afford to need a safe ride!

Packers Website

The Packers website also went through a few changes after their incredible Super Bowl XLV win. My favorite addition was the Gatorade shot in the upper right-hand corner. Yet, the site’s main focus isn’t off putted by the background imagery. It’s nicely grayed out in a very consistent manner. Even though their site has an enormous amount of content, it’s organized quite well and only the necessary items are included on the homepage.

Packers Super Bowl Website Homepage After the Super Bowl Win

Super Bowl XLV Videos & Photos

Below are a few videos & photos for you to enjoy from my Super Bowl experience. Enjoy!

Kid Rock Super Bowl After Party from Sarah Lynn Design on Vimeo


Black Eyed Peas Perform at Super Bowl 45 from Sarah Lynn Design on Vimeo


Kid Rock Super Bowl After Party from Sarah Lynn Design on Vimeo.

Sarah Lynn & Katie Helein

Game Day on the way to the Packer Tailgate Party (from left) Sarah Lynn, Katie Helein.

Super Bowl Baby

On my right sat a wee little baby. Slept right through an interception.

Cowboys Stadium

Inside Cowboys Stadium

Cowboys Stadium - Packers Endzone

Packers End Zone

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas Performance

We got it back!

Fan artwork – Love it.

Super Bowl 2011 Stadium Panoramic

Stadium Panoramic (Click to Enlarge)

Questions for Readers & Football Fans

What do you think of the Super Bowl graphics? Packers graphics? Were you at the game? What was your experience like?

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