The Importance of the Product Page

The product page is one of the most important on a website. Every website likely has a product page. E-commerce companies, Business-to-Business companies, and even informational companies have product pages. The goal of the product page is to act as the salesperson for your products or services. When you can’t be there in person your product page needs to do the job. In this context, it’s easy to understand the importance of the product page. Here are a few tips for optimizing your website’s product and service pages.

Optimizing Product and Service Pages

Your entire website will act as an onlilne salesperson, but the product pages are where people go to find the in-depth information about the product or service. By the time a potential customer lands on the product page they are likely well into their research phase of the buying process. Even if the site visitor came from a search engine directly to one of your product pages they likely did a research focused keyword search. The person on your product detail page is expecting detail as they determine if your product offers value to them. The product page needs to convince a person to make the final purchasing decision. This choice involves both critical reasoning and emotion. A good product page will use this understanding to convert visitors. Each key element of the product page needs attention.


The overall design of your product page needs to have an emotional feel. You want the page to give the site visitor a sense of connection to the product and your brand. Florie Huppert Event Planning Florie Huppert Product Page

I like the design of Florie’s site. When you’re on the page you get a sense for the emotion Florie will bring to your event. There is a certain style evident from the elements on the page including the imagery and photography. Even the typography has a certain feel. This kind of design will form an emotional connection with your target customers as they browse your product and service pages.


Content covers many areas. No longer is text enough for a web page. Text is certainly important, but other items such as images, photos and video are important as well. All of the content on your product detail page needs to be aimed at convincing the visitor of the value in your product.


The product description is something customers look for. They likely have at least a small understanding that you are an expert in your field. The product description should provide the value proposition of the product or service. You want to speak to the customer and explain to them how the product will improve their lives. If the product is high-end and technical, you’ll likely need to include specs and details. If your item is more impulse and emotional like candy then you want to focus on the emotions of delicious treats.


Reviews are a must have these days. Customers want to see how their peers are reviewing your product. You obviously want good reviews, but including all reviews will show that your company is honest and up front with new visitors to the site. This trust is difficult to earn so be careful with how you handle reviews.

Olson’s Ice Cream

Olsons Ice Cream Product Page

Olson’s Ice Cream has great reviews on their website. Current customers are the best at really speaking the language of customers. Customers speak to specific aspects of the product and potential customers can really figure out if they should become a customer.


Question and Answer areas on product pages are not new, but today they seem to be becoming common. A question and answer area on a product page gives potential customers an area to ask questions before they purchase. You can have folks at your company answer or you can have your current customers answer. Having this section on your site is great for conversion and can even help SEO for your site as well.

Video and Photography

Photography and video are important for product pages. There is so much more to your products that text descriptions. If your product depends on visuals then you need to have great photography and perhaps even video of your product in use. You want to really give site visitors the full experience so they can be confident with their purchase.

Call to Action

The call to action is important. You’ll hear some information regarding button colors and such, but really it’s just important to ask for the visitor to do something. You want to speak their language and make sure the call to action is the action you and the customer wants as the next step.

Personally Paired

Personally Paired Product Page

On the Personally Paired product page you will see simple calls to action. The page gives visitors an easy direction for their next step and makes it easy to contact via a form or phone.


The product detail page is one of the most important pages on your website. You want to make sure the page has all the elements that will make it successful at converting site visitors into customers. Consider who your customer is and how you can effectively prove the value of your products and services. Put those elements on your product page and you should see conversion improve.

About the Author: Dayne Shuda

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Dayne Shuda

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