Top Design Picks: Heathcare, Newspaper, Retail & Typography

Tuesday Talent - Favorites in Web Design, Mobile Design & Typography

Below you’ll find our weekly design favorites & why they stand out in the crowd.  

Top Website Design of the Week

RedBrick Health

RedBrick Health

Why it Stands Out

When you think of employer offered health programs, they don’t typically sound very appealing or fun. RedBrick Health’s website design is approachable & casual. The content is organized in such a way that it’s easy to understand and to read. Finding the time to focus on your health and wellness can be tough, especially in today’s fast-paced work environments. RedBrick’s site is designed to explain exactly what they do and how they do it right from the start. There isn’t a ton of fluff to sift through. They showcase how they are different right from the start.

Top Responsive Site Design of the Week

Boston Globe

Boston Globe HomeBoston Globe Home Mobile

Above: (left) Homepage on web browser set at 600px width. (right) Homepage on mobile phone

Boston Globe Navigation DesignBoston Globe Navigation Mobile Design

Above: (left) Navigation on web browser set at 600px width. (right) Expanded navigation on mobile phone

Why it Stands Out

Design is more than pretty graphics. It’s providing a solution that solves a problem. The Boston Globe’s problem was cross-device compatibility. Imagine managing three sets of content at the scale the Boston Globe manages. Responsive design allows the website to work seamlessly across multiple devices. Read more about the Boston Globe’s big re-design here: .Net Magazine: Boston Globe Responsive Layout Boston Globe’s Responsive Redesign

Top Mobile Site Design of the Week


Target Product Categories Page Design

Target Mobile Contact Page Design

Target Mobile Product Listing Page Design

Why it Stands Out

Only the essential elements are provided, in such a way that you aren’t left searching or scrolling for them. Every clickable link and button is large enough for even the biggest fingers to click. The contact page was designed in the most simplistic way. A great method for those on the move. Target’s long list of categories is easily recognized by the way the page information breaks at the bottom of the screen. The visitor can easily tell there is more information below by using this method. And finally, the way they use colors to signify links is exceptional. All shopping links and main links are blue. Secondary links are grey. And all sorts/buttons are red.

It’s consistent and allows their visitors to know what to expect on every page.

Top Font of the Week


Calluna Web Font

Why is Stands Out

This desktop & web font is highly versatile. It works beautifully as a title font and reads well at small sizes. It’s classic and professional, yet approachable. An excellent tool for any designers font collection.

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