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The Gimme Bar may just be the 5th best invention ever.

What is it? Why should you care?

New Gimme Bar Demo from Gimme Bar on Vimeo. Gimme bar isn’t just another one of those lame bookmarking apps that you try and and then leave in the dust one week later. It’s better than Pinterest or Delicious. When you’re browsing the web, all you do is click the Gimme button and drag any image, webpage, video, snippet of text directly into your Gimme bar (below). You can choose to make the saved content private or public. Which is great for things like Christmas gifts or top secret design inspiration 😊

Gimme Bar

Above: Gimme Bar

Gimme Bar Library Design

Above: Then your content shows up in your library like so.

Above: Or you can view the content in their collections. Instead of limiting the type of content you can save, Gimme Bar allows you to save anything! That’s where it excels above all the rest. No other web app allows you to save videos (that I am aware of) and view them visually. I find it hard to look at a giant list of text links when looking for something I saved in the past. Chances are I forgot what I tagged it as (Delicious flaw).

Gimme Grab Detail Page

Above: Gimme Grab Detail Page, equipt with share options, short url and the URL you grabbed it from. Simple!

Visual Appeal

The fact that this app is beautifully designed may have helped persuade me a little to try it out too! Instead of a list of links, I can review my favorite content visually, as if it was a physical notebook with media tapped inside. The layout of the collections is organized yet organic. The use of pink makes performing an edit or adding a new category a cinch. They made a great decision to limit the amount of color in the interface design to allow the user’s content to stand out and be easily searched visually. Now if only you could add a custom typed note (Evernote) within Gimme bar. That would move me away from Evernote & Pinterest altogether. Give it a whirl! I’d love to hear what other people think about this great new app. Sign-up for an account today.

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