Why you Should Setup your Portfolio for Search

Why Setup Your Portfolio for Search?

Many different types of businesses have online portfolios. Architects, manufacturers, contractors, artists and more. At Sarah Lynn Design, we use our online portfolio to help win clients and prove we can do the job well. We also use it as a tool to bring in more search traffic. Many online portfolios use Flash or other techniques that limit search possibilities. I’d like to walk through why it’s important to setup your online portfolio for search.

Use Big Business + Brand Names to your Advantage

If your a business just setting up your online portfolio you’ll want to take advantage of new businesses that you may have worked with. Since they are new, chances are there isn’t a lot of people out there searching for them quite yet.

SB Architects

SB Architects have an excellent looking website and it functions smoothly and quick! But, to gain more search benefits from it, they could make their project titles HTML text to increase search traffic to their site.


EYP has an excellent portfolio. All of the important information in each project is HTML text so it is searchable. The photography, I must note is also brilliant.

EYP Portfolio Architects

If you search The Barton Group in Google, EYP is brought up on the second page. Which, out of 14 million results is fairly decent for just showcasing the project online. But, it gets even better!

The Barton Group

You’re probably wondering why this would be beneficial traffic to have? More often than not, business’ don’t list who their architect was, or who designed the interior of their offices or who does their marketing. If you list their name with a brief description about the project you’ll rank in one way or another, depending on how big the brand/business is in the online world. Web designers sometimes have the luxury of including a link in the footer of their client’s websites which often helps bring in more clients if they see a site they like. But, it’s a bit trickier with other types of B2B portfolios.

EYP ranks #1 for The Barton Group Architect

The Barton Group - EYP Search Ranking

Offer Multiple Ways to Search Projects & Work Examples

Now that you’ve brought the customer to your website what’s next? Many successful portfolios offer multiple ways to search through projects. This is especially beneficial if you have a large amount of work or offer multiple types of services. Clients like to see that you have experience in their neck of the woods or as close as they can get to their own market. Make sure your portfolio is easily sortable!

Examples of Successful Portfolio Designs

Before we get into examples, I have to say how difficult it was to find good examples that weren’t bogged down by Flash. An overly high percentage of the sites I visited had unsearchable portfolios. Some did use HTML text to display the project’s description, but failed to give the business’ name or project name an H1 or H2 tag to help improve their search rankings. The areas researched included: Architects, Marketing Firms and Interior Designers.


SOM SOM Architects - Portfolio Design


Perkins & Will


BNIM Portfolio Overview


BNIM Portfolio Detail for Search

Cooper, Robertson & Partners

Cooper, Robertson & Partners

Cooper, Roberston & Partners

Cooper, Robertson & Partners

SMITHGROUP I really enjoyed the animation on the typography for the title of the projects

Smith Group


Smith Group Detail

Marketing Firms


Adlucent Portfolio Case Study Design

Interior Designers


Perianth Interior Designers - Portfolio Search

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