Zaarly’s Incredible Email Marketing

I received an email recently from Zaarly. It was a marketing email, but really captured my attention. It told the story of one of their customers and how they used Zaarly to find a new snowboarding friend nearby. They connected with me on a personal level. It wasn’t just blabbing about the cool features their service has. The focus wasn’t about how you can use the service for free either.

Zaarly Email Marketing

Above: A portion of a much longer Zaarly email. (Not shown: More beneficial ways to use Zaarly)

Customer Loyalty

Businesses who want loyal customers need to focus on how their products or services can be used in real-world situations. Just because you offer a service, doesn’t mean people can see themselves using it. Zaarly has succeeded with this methodology in the email above. They are telling a story of how one of their customers used Zaarly which will hopefully spark new ways for other customers to use their service.

To focus on the monetary benefits will only provide a short-term appeal to new customers.

 Reflection of Quality

When you resort to focusing all of your marketing on discounts it can portray to your customers that your products are not valuable. Quality often comes with a higher price. If your target market are customers searching for quality over the next great deal, try and focus your marketing on the characteristics of your products & services, rather than focusing on price.

In what ways do you reflect quality to your customers?

Sarah Shuda

Sarah Shuda

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