Eau Claire Downtown Coffee

Mobile First

The website for ECDC was designed with a primary focus on mobile users. The coffee shop is located inside The Lismore Hotel. Many of the guests are business travelers or visitors who need quick access to the shop's amenities and menu. Both of which they can get within seconds of visiting the website.

Highlight Best-Features

All of the coffee ECDC serves is locally roasted and sourced from family-owned farms. Beyond coffee, their menu incorporates organic flour and locally sourced ingredients. We've highlighted these unique attributes throughout the design to assist ECDC in their mission to support their surrounding community

The Best Ingredients

ECDC serves coffee sourced from family-owned farms, the beans roasted locally. Their baked goods, made-from-scratch daily, contain only the best–organic flour. These characteristics set this coffee shop apart, so it was important to feature them prominently on the website.

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