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As a blogging firm,  the team at Ghost Blog Writers is all about content. And their website is no different. The focus of this redesign was to improve the sales process. They wanted to make the sales process more efficient by answering more sales questions on their website so that the right inquiries were ready to get started when they hit the contact page.

On the GBW services page you'll see how the language and design is directed at blogging results. Potential customers want to know that their dollars are going to get them something in return.

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Ghost Blog Writers wants their customers to consume their blog content without many distractions. A blog post is often their first touchpoint in their sales process.

We designed the blog to ease them into what GBW has to offer.

Sarah understands business.

“I discussed our business goals with her and she created a website design that takes our website visitors through the process of becoming clients. The website looks great, but more importantly, achieves our business goals.”

Dayne Shuda, Ghost Blog Writers

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